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iMessenger: Download Latest Version For iPhone, Android & iOS

iMessenger APP: There are a plenty of android messaging applications available in the market which allows you to communicate with others. Also, you can have fun and you can get more entertainment with these messaging apps. In this article, we are going to discuss one of the best messengers iMessenger APP which allows you to send unlimited messages to your friends. The best thing about iMessenger is that you can send the messages from your mac and from your iPad easily. Today, we will let you know how to download and install the iMessenger APP on your iphone or on android mobile.


Download iMessenger App For iPhone/iOS

The best feature about iMessenger we like is it synchronizes your text on every device that you own whether it is iPhone or  MAC. The amazing features of the iMessenger made it so popular among all other messaging applications. You can send a lot of stickers, emojis to your friends using the iMessenger APP. In general, this application comes by default on the Apple devices. When it comes to Android mobiles, iMessenger is considered as a third party application. Which means you can’t find it officially in the Google play store. There are some other messaging apps like Hike, What’s app etc but you will get attracted to the iMessenger because of its user interface.

The messages in iMessenger will appear in the form of a normal message, but the change is only in color. The people who want to shift from Apple OS to Android OS can use the iMessenger app for communication purpose. It works as same as other android messaging applications. You can get all the features similar to the What’s app in the iMessenger application. The only differences are the user interface and layout which are much better in iMessenger. Below, we are going to provide you the installation steps to install the iMessenger APK on your android mobile.

How to download the iMessenger App:

The iMessenger APK is the third party application which is not available in the Google play store. So, you need to find an alternate way to download the iMessenger APK for your android mobile. Here, we are following the APK file download method to get the latest version of iMessenger APK. In this site, we have given the link to download the genuine iMessenger application. But, before downloading the iMessenger APK on your mobile, you need to allow the unknown sources.



In order to download any APK file from the external resources, you need to enable the unknown sources option on your mobile. For that, you need to go to settings, tap on security and enable the “Unknown Sources” option. This will prevent the chance of occurrence of problems while installing any third party app on your android device. looking for best browser to download for your android mobile? then check Dolphin Browser APK 

How to install iMessenger APP:

  1. First of all, you need to download the latest version of iMessenger on your PC.
  2. Now, you will need to connect your mobile to the PC using a USB cable.
  3. Copy the iMessenger APP file on your mobile and then disconnect your mobile from the PC.
  4. Navigate to the APK file, tap on it and accept all the terms and conditions.
  5. Once you accept, the installation process gets started and finished within few minutes.
  6. You need to check the icon of the iMessenger on your mobile as to confirm the installation of the app.
  7. If you find the iMessenger icon then tap on it and open the app.
  8. That’s it. Now, you can send unlimited messages to your friends using iMessenger app.
Final Words:

This was all about iMessenger application and we hope that you all like this article. Just follow the simple steps mentioned above to install and use the iMessenger app on your android mobile.

Popcorn Time For iOS – Download for iPhone [Updated Version]

Popcorn Time For iOS: is an application that beautifully aggregates movies and television series from around the world on your Smartphone screen in an easily searchable way. The sharing eco – system depends on the collaborative sharing of the pirated material encouraging peer – to – peer distribution. They rely on the use of Bit Torrent for the distribution of the content. The application has always been under scrutiny by the digital media industry and the content makers as a maximum of its supply is from the pirated contents. It is also sometimes called Netflix’s pirates to let users stream movie torrents and watch pirated movies and TV shows.

PopCorn Time For iOS:



                                                          Popcorn Time for iOS


Almost all the episodes and the movies that have been digitized are available to stream on this application. Since there is a large, diverse group of users who form the base of this application, a large variety rich data is made available to the users. The key to success lies in the user interface of the application which is largely similar to that of Netflix. This breeds familiarity among the users creating a smooth experience for them all along. Though the original version was shut due to a legal reason, other versions quickly popped up as it was an open source application. The app gives tougher competition to Netflix and Amazon Prime that charge their users for similar content. Also, Check Freedom apk for android Latest Version

Downloading Popcorn Time for iOS:

Popcorn time allows you to search for your required movie or series through a professionally designed UI which makes browsing hassle – free. The interface allows you to search quickly and stream with minimum efforts. Though the app uses Bit Torrent – like clients, it allows you to choose the resolution of the content. This gives you more choice regarding uploading as well as downloading of the content.

Now there is a lot of discussion around the legal status of the app, it should be taken into consideration that sharing of content is illegal if the person/ service infringes the copyright principle. Though the laws are different in different countries, users are cautioned about the usage.

Since there is legal gray area, the developers have put the huge disclaimer which clearly makes its users aware of the same. The banner says “Downloading copyrighted material may be illegal in your country. Use at your own risk.” As a user, if you still are willing to install and use the application on your iOS device, following are the steps to do the same.

There are two ways of getting Popcorn Time on the iOS unit: The easy and recommended method using iOS Installer and the not so easy method of using Cydia which means jailbreaking the device.


                                                Popcorn Time for iOS


 How to set up Popcorn Time on iOS using Installer:

  • If you are using a computer, go to your browser and the website and select the iOS Beta.
  • The pop-up on the screen will prompt you to download an installer which will be required to run the application on your computer or the iPhone.
  • Install the software on your PC
  • Before accessing your iOS Installer app, ensure you have updated version of iTunes. Also, ensure that it has the necessary permissions to access your iOS device for it to work.
  • Open the iOS Installer program and connect your iPhone.
  • Allow the application to access your connected device by unlocking the phone when prompted and selecting “trust” when asked in a pop – up window if you trust the computer.
  • Put your device on airplane mode when prompted. Once this is done the application will start installing, which can take from few seconds to few minutes to install completely. Do not engage the device in any other process until this gets completed.
  • After the successful installation of the app, you will be prompted to unlock the device. Open the Popcorn Time app while you are still in the airplane mode.
  • Once into the application, a pop-up will request you to confirm if you trust the developer of the app in a pop-up window. Select “trust”.
  • Remove the device from airplane mode. If you are still unable to load the app after you disabled Airplane mode all you need to do is force quit the app by double clicking the home screen button and swiping up on the app. The next time you open it, you should have full access to the entire Popcorn Time library.
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