Google ALLO APP for PC-Windows and MAC

Google ALLO APP is the best messaging app ever. ALLO is the best messaging app designed by  Google for making your conversation easier and expressive. Google ALLO has put all its abilities to design this best messaging app ever which makes you feel natural, but when it comes to optimization that making handling the message and smooth no matter from where you are messaging from. At Google I/O 2016, Erik Kay, director of engineering and communication developed their Goggles first messaging app call “ALLO” and also their first video calling app called as “DUO”. ALLO which mean hello in French language. The ALLO is the best messaging app providing by Google adding to ALLO, Google produced their first ever and the best messaging app till today called as “Google ALLO”. This feature makes you surprise for the first time when you use this app. Whisper Systems had been collaborating with Google’s best messaging app called as “ALLO”, and video app “duo” for providing end on end encryption.