Google ALLO for PC brings all those new latest updated features in single app where it have the incognito window mode, incognito window mode is the place where all your conversations, images, pictures, videos, etc whatever things you open will be hidden from others so when you close this window all the history which you have opened in the incognito window will be erased no one can know about what you have opened and browed in a PC or APP which makes you hidden from all people around you. Incognito window is first ever special feature develop with Google for apps, till today there is no app designed have the feature of the incognito window so we can say how best the ALLO app is being designed for the users by Google. All the information which is being written in incognito window will be hidden from other people and no one can see your history details about what have browsed. All inside information in the ALLO will be safe and no one can hack your account like other apps, end on end encryption is a special feature which is having one for what’s app and ALLO till today and no other apps are designed for this end on end encryption. One can feel free to text their friends, relatives, etc without any doubt.

Going back from the incognito window mode will erase all your information what you browsed for that time. It is kind true that Google is not interested in releasing any kind of desktop versions of Goggle ALLO App and Duo App. There will be no desktop apps for ALLO and Duo. So, don’t get worried of desktop apps you will be having these apps in your download list or you can place these files in a folder and can keep it on the desktop. However, using android devices you can easily download this ALLO app with paying any amount of money. Google is not charging any money for these apps. So everyone can download these apps for free of costs and can use it for your lifetime for free. But to download this ALLO you need to follow a few instructions which are listed below. First, you have to download an APK file which is available free in online and later you have to run it on your PC. Once you have downloaded the apk file, the next step is to get good android accumulator for windows. The security benefit is that you can fairly certain that the person’s you are speaking is encrypted with end on end conversations. Unless they have lost their phone, of course information will be passed to third party individuals only when you lose your mobile.

Whisper System also provided end on end encryption conversions for voice calls, however it is not clear that the same software is going to used by the Google for ALLO, DUO. But compared to Whisper System, Google is more famous no one will bother about this end on end encryption even if they use whisper system software. At the apps announcement and in later documentation, Google does not make clear conversation for end on end encryption. However, it made a statement of saying this end on end encryption has its own set of challenges for ALLO and DUO. But the text messaging app ALLO has many security features the compared to DUO. User can also get into the incognito window for stricter, more security messaging. To build the end on end encryption for ALLO Google has numerous numbers of options. There are several tried encrypting methods which are already tested for what’s app messaging app, and Telegram app. Google partnered with Whisper System, the creator of end on end encryption protocol and the signal encrypted messaging app.