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Google Allo Might Linking It’s Account to Your Email

Google has been making a special effort to keep Allo significant, yet there’s been one glaring issue: you require a telephone number to join. How’s it going to rival iMessage or Facebook Messenger if there should be a telephone required eventually?

It could open the chat app to many more people.

You won’t not require one soon… or if nothing else, you’ll be less reliant on it. The 9to5Google group has filtered through the code of Allo’s most recent Android discharge and found concealed references to visiting with Gmail contacts once you associate your record. You could discover individuals through their email addresses once you’ve connected things up, as well.

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There’s no assurance this lessened telephone reliance will be broadly accessible soon, however code like this normally indicates it’s not too far off. In the event that it arrives, however, it could make Allo a more rich ordeal, especially on the off chance that you frequently utilize it over different gadgets.

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