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Google Allo vs Hangouts

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Allo vs Hangouts initial setup

It is absolutely fast and easy to start using Allo. All you need is your phone number for registration and you will receive an activation code via SMS from Google. Setting up Hangouts is not difficult either. You just need to login with your Google account. The first difference that you will notice between the two apps is here. Hangouts allows you to use multiple account while Allo is activated on your phone number and you can essentially have only one account.. After setting up Allo, you will be able to view all your phone contacts who are on Allo. This is actually much more intimate than Hangouts. With Hangouts, you could only view friends whom you have added to your Google + account.

Allo vs Hangouts basic chat features

In general, the way Allo handles chats is more convenient than Hangouts. Allo offers the smart reply feature which is a great way of making it easier to handle daily conversations. When you receive a message on Google Allo, you will see a number of suggestions which can be used to keep on a conversation. However, if the other person is using smart reply as well, it can sometimes get stuck in back-and-forth conversations. Furthermore, Allo is not used as the default app for SMS. This means that Allo is not going to replace your SMS client. However, Hangouts can still be used as the default SMS app although it has lost some of its SMS features.


Allo vs Hangouts extra features

When it comes to read recipient and timestamps, Allo appears to be more convenient. Allo read recipient feature is somehow identical to WhatsApp. But with Hangouts, the read recipient appears to be inaccurate from time to time. Also, Allo messages have a timestamp and read status when you tap on them. Hangouts simply groups messages under occasional timestamps. So in Allo vs Hangouts comparison, Allo looks to be more convenient and accurate.

Allo offers a number of fun stickers and some of them are even animated. Hangouts has stickers as well but they are not as many as Allo stickers. Photo and video sharing is possible on both apps, but Allo allows you to doodle on images before you send them.

Allo vs Hangouts conclusion

Undoubtedly, Allo is a better option when it comes to useful features and easy setup. Stuff such as Smart Reply, incognito chats, and detailed read recipients are missing on Hangouts. But the lack of backups, proper SMS, or multi-device support will make the switch from Hangouts to Allo rough right now. So, despite all its flaws, Hangouts is still a better option if you want to choose between these two.

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