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Unofficial Open Source for Google Allo Desktop Version is Available Now for Mac and Windows user

Be that as it may, oddly enough, the application is as of now constrained to Chrome clients. On the off chance that you don’t utilize Chrome, or essentially would prefer not to keep an Allo tab open every minute of every day, this informal web wrapper may be for you.




Right around a year after the application’s underlying discharge, Google refreshed Allo to work with a desktop customer prior this month. Like WhatsApp, the desktop application keeps running in your program, and uses your telephone as an intermediary to send/get messages.

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The wrapper was incorporated by Kelvin Nguyen on GitHub, utilizing the Nativfier web wrapper compiler. As you may expect, it utilizes Electron to render everything. The Allo wrapper will utilize your working framework’s worked in notice framework, and you can simply leave this running limited rather than the whole Chrome program.




The wrapper doesn’t have any pretty installer (in any event on Windows), so you’ll need to extricate it to some place and run it from that point. Master tip: you can add it to your Windows startup things to influence it to dispatch naturally when you sign in.

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